• Ex-Mike de Udy / Porsche Cars GB. #906-129
• Long racing history in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and South Africa.
• Original Typ 901/20 engine, original gearbox and chassis.
• One of 65 Carrera 6s built.
• Current engines 906-201 & one spare engine 906-156 with great history

Porsche Cars GB imported two Porsche Carrera 6s in 1966, sold by AFN Ltd. Both cars, chassis numbers 906-101 and 906-129, were owned and raced in 1966 by a well-known privateer racer, Michael Grace De Udy. A racer in his own right,
Mike de Udy is the car’s first and most prominent owner. De Udy raced both 906-101 and 906-129 in 1966, but then only kept 906-129 until 1969. It was AFN and Mike de UDY and Porsche GB race car in 1966 and 1969
De Udy was fairly new to the racing scene in 1966. A class of 1962 graduate of the Jim Russell racing school, he turned to sports cars racing in 1964. Driving a Porsche 904 Carrera GTS for the better part of the 1964 and 1965 seasons, he teamed up with experienced drivers, including fellow Brit David Piper. In late 1965 he went to South Africa and entered the Springbok Series, a remarkably challenging event where he partnered with local racer Peter de Klerk. Upon his return to Europe in early 1966, he started racing his 906s all over Europe, taking 906-129 to Italy for the Targa Florio, Austria for the Zeltweg 500 km or Zandvoort during the Trophy of the Dunes. Peter de Klerk had flown to the U.K. to share the wheel. Originally delivered with engine 906-122, De Udy had to replace it rapidly after it suffers extensive damage during a test at Silverstone. De Udy blamed the oil supplier, BP, as the cause of the engine failure. BP was his sponsor in 1966 but it appears their oil was of lesser quality than the other main supplier, Shell.
After the engine 906-122 failed to replace engine, De Udy asked his mechanic, Bob Ridgard, to source an engine. In 1967, he bought an engine directly from the Porsche factory; identified by Jerry Pantis as 906-156. As it turns out, the engine 906-156 is one of the most important Typ 901/20 engines of the production run; being the last originally built carbed engine (906-157 was the first “E” fuel-injected engine), it also gained a prestigious racing history from its time with the Porsche works team. Carrera 6 906-156 was completed on June 1st, 1967, as per Jürgen Barth’s reference book. Its first race came rapidly after its completion, as 906-156 was entered in the 1967 24 Heures du Mans on June 9-10th.
It then pass 1969 - 1972: to Carl Armstrong, Toledo, OH, U.S.A.Armstrong enjoyed racing as a hobby;
Pantis’ book describes thoroughly Dr. Armstrong’s racing career in the 906, as he took part in the SCCA Central Division BSR Championship in 1970
1972 - 1973: Tom Richmond, Ann Arbor, MI, U.S.A.
1974 – 1999: Bruce Tuffli, St. Louis, MO, U.S.A. Tuffli was the first owner to restore 906-129 to its original glory and By the spring of 1981, Tuffli had completed the restoration of 906-129 by himself In 1985, he decided to retire 906-129. It was placed in storage until 1999, when he decided to sell it.
1999-2005: Terry Hefty, Lafayette, CO, U.S.A. Only cosmetic was done on the car
2006-2008: Paul Howells, U.K.
When he bought 906-129 in 2006, Englishman Paul Howells was no stranger to the Porsche World. He is a quick racer who has taken numerous wins over the years. Nearly 40 years after it left its original country of delivery, 906-129 was back in Europe.
Under Howells’ ownership, it was the object of extensive media coverage, mostly because it marked the return of De Udy’s 906 to the U.K. and also thanks to Howells’ celebrity in the Porsche racing circles. Howells entered numerous races with 906-129, including the 2006 and 2008 Le Mans Classic.
2008-2010: Roald Goethe, U.A.E. (D)
In 2008, 906-129 was acquired by Roald Goethe, a German citizen living in Dubaï. A newcomer to the world of classic cars and racing then, Goethe has since brought together in his RofGo collection more than 30 of the finest Gulf-livered race cars. In his ownership, 906-129 was stored and serviced by Duncan Hamilton Ltd. in the U.K.; Goethe raced it on multiple occasions, including the 2010 Le Mans Classic.
Since 2011:actual owner , (F)
A French citizen isthe current custodian of the Porsche Carrera 6 906-129. Purchased through Duncan Hamilton Ltd.
ThePorsche 906 became an ideal candidate, and 906-129 turned out to be the best example available for sale.
Since the purchase, 906-129 was raced twice at Le Mans Classic (2012, 2014), in the 10.000 Tours du Castellet and in the 2013 Tour Auto, where the Porsche prototypes were featured. Of the six Porsche 906 entered, 906-129 was the sole example to cross the finish line in La Rochelle.

Having a full chain of owners know, and fully restored to concours standard the car has since been race many times at Le Mans Classic, Tour Auto to name a few, and is the perfect entrant for any porsche collection.


1966 PORSCHE Carrera 6

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